Kaname and Raira are childhood friends.
When Raira asks Kaname whether they will stay friends forever Kaname tells him that nothing will last forever.

Just as he said time changed both of them.

The story revolves around a group of friends and their feelings for each other, brought together by a single café in between them.

Status: Complete (2014 – 2016)



Raira is Kaname’s childhood friend. They have been in the same primary dorm and moved dorms together after, when Raira suddenly realized, he had romantic feelings for Kaname.

He is an orphan bunny and started helping out in the Junior Dorm as a Facility-helper and caretaker on some weekdays to make other kids feel at home.

He treasures his friends very much, but if he had to choose just one person, he’d follow Kaname.


Raira’s childhood friend.

Kaname used to be a wild child but turned into a decent young adult. He’s calm and lovely, usually liked, although he is dense when it comes to realizing other people’s feelings.

Kaname is interested in Physics and Astronomy.

Random fact: He likes eating.


The coffee bunny. Nio owns “The Teapot”, a small coffee shop in town. He likes drinking coffee and generally being in his shop surrounded by that scent.

He seems to be very close to Kaname.

Nio is Vivi’s cousin.


Raira’s and Grey’s friend. He is a little short-tempered but has his heart in the right place.

Cano is very honest (sometimes not for his best), which Grey credits him for.

He used to go out with Nio, but they suddenly broke up… Also, he holds a grudge against Kaname for some reason.


“I’m sorry…”. The worrywart of the group. He needs a little self-confidence in himself, thanks to his friends he’s getting better.

He’s in the same class as Kaname but is too shy to talk to him when he’s not with the whole group.

Grey likes reading books, usually novels. He’s the library-type bunny.